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Hi friends and family!

First, thank you for your interest in learning about my first mission trip to the motherland! This October, myself and 19 other women will be visiting the beautiful country of Ghana which is off of the Ivory Coast in West Africa to serve and learn.

 If you feel compelled, I am accepting donations and presenting sponsorship opportunities for family, friends, and business owners who would like to help offset the $5,000 cost of the trip. Any assistance is deeply appreciated.

Genesis of the Trip

A dear friend and financial planning pioneer, Dasha Kennedy, created a Facebook group in 2017 to help empower women of color to take control of their finances through financial literacy, budgeting, and planning. She saw harsh reality of the racial and gender wealth gap and sought to change it. Her group, The Broke Black Girl, has grown to become a national brand that offers financial consultancy, money management programs, and monthly budgeting. Since its inception just three years ago, The Broke Black Girl group has grown to over 63,000 members! Dasha has since grown to become one of the industries most sought after speakers and has received countless awards and was even recently featured in People Magazine.

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My Involvement

As mentioned, Dasha and I have become great friends and I’ve had the pleasure of seeing her testimony quitting her job at one the largest financial institutions to becoming a booming entrepreneur. Look at God! Asked personally to join the trip, I saw this is a great opportunity to be of service to communities abroad as well as learn from the people of Ghana. I have been in the financial services industry for 10 years and feel deeply passionate about educating and providing resources for empowerment to the marginalized and disenfranchised families of our communities both locally and abroad. This will be my first trip to the beautiful continent of Africa and I am so excited about the opportunity to not only serve there, but also learn. I am also excited to be joining 19 other female trailblazers from St. Louis, MO who will also be leveraging their various talents to be of service on this mission trip. The total cost of the trip is $100,000 for the 20 of us. We would be deeply appreciative if you felt compelled to join us as a partner in this act of servitude and love.


The purpose of this extraordinary trip is to leverage the talents and skills of female trailblazers who have positively impacted the St. Louis, MO area. We will be introducing useful and innovative resources in business, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy for the betterment of communities in Ghana, West Africa.

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How You Can Help

We are appreciative of your interest to help myself and 19 other women leverage the skills and talents we’ve been blessed with to serve the people of Ghana. All donated funds will go directly towards flight and hotel accommodations. All donated school supplies will go directly to local schools in the Mognori village, KUNST University, and James Town. Myself and the other amazing women are fully committed to making this trip and reality and we are deeply appreciative of your interest, love, and action. The following are ways you can help:

  • Prayers, love, and support  
  • Monetary donation
  • Refer a small business or corporation that may be interested in sponsorship

What We Will Be Doing

Oct. 8 – 17, 2020

  • Volunteering in the ancient Kente and Adinkra villages
  • Financial literacy and entrepreneurship workshops in James Town and KNUST University
  • Providing lunches and school supplies for primary school students
  • Financial literacy workshop and volunteer service in the Mognori Village

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